Take Your Top Off !

KxStand is the safest place for your Jeep Wrangler Hardtop! Save $50

Fits Jeep Wrangler
As well as standard length Jeeps.

Workbench conversion kit

Coming Soon! - While some people consider KxStand to be a piece of art in their garage or workshop, other hard core KxStanderís need extra workspace. In the off season, this kit turns your KxStand into a handy-dandy work table, complete with backboard. Best of all, you can use the table while KxStand stores your soft top underneath!  Once installed the table just flips over and back to its hanging position while your top is stored.

Door Storage Kit

Coming Soon! This adapter snaps onto your KxStand and allows you to store your doors safely within the structure of your KxStand, inside the ďcaveĒ created by your top. Not only is KxStand the safest place for your top, itís the safest place for your easily-damaged doors too!


Coming Soon! A high quality cover for your entire KxStand / Jeep Top Managerie.

Re-Foam Kit

Coming Soon! Even under the best of conditions, your foam protection and handle system can use a little help. This inexpensive kit supplies you with new foam, readily to easily apply to your KxStand.

Replacement Plastic Bags

Coming Soon! Replace your storage bag if it has holes in it, or if it got dirty... keep those critters out! And no, you canít just buy a big hefty bag at Home Depot. We had to have these guys custom made to fit something so large.