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Don’t Mess Around!!!! This is the CD Changer for your Wrangler

     Dont get us wrong, we love the sound system in our Wrangler... you know that we also like that factory look!  A while ago, we went in search of the BEST CD Changer to add to our factory sound system.  We think we’ve found it, and here’s why:  This JVC changer is the smallest 12-disc changer in the world. It is also quiet, smooth, and reliable (and not terribly pricey).  Now, selecting the right unit is only half the battle with a Wrangler.  As you know, the real challenge is the installation.  We think we nailed it with this one.
- RF system plays through the FM radio in your FACTORY SYSTEM

- Smallest 12-disc in the world, fits neatly in the trunk (see pics)

- Awesome controller sits above your rear-view mirror on the flat piece of plastic of your windshield surround. (see pics)

- Includes infared remote control! (not pictured)

- BBE II sound processing enhances definition and pumps up the bass for a big, vibrant sound.
- No Drilling at all required.

- No Splicing at all required (we include special fuse block taps)

- Control module fits nicely inside glove compartment, but way up high out of the way. Controller cord with this kit is just long enough to read up above your windshield.  Changer cord runs along door sill, under carpet, and into the rear.

- Plays CD’s CD-R’s, and CD-RW’s (which you make in  your PC)

- Here’s the best part:  This little sucker plays discs with MP3 files on them.... you can just image fitting your ENTIRE MUSIC COLLECTION in this changer. Each disc holds more than ten hours of MP3’s, times twelve discs.... that’s days and days of uninterrupted music.  Your hinie will give out before the music stops!!

   The changer illuminates a beautiful blue and red, and scrolls the titles of songs across the display.  In addition, there is a wireless infared remote, so if you get tired of reaching up constantly to skip past your girlfriend’s songs, you can just use the remote down low, or even yards from your Jeep on the beach, or campsite.  You’ll definitely wear down your battery with this one! COMING SOON to our Online Store.

Little did this poor Wrangler know
it would be supermodel to the world!Shown here with optional factory "add-a-trunk"
and "Yes"; this is our recommended way to mount it.

Shown here with our electronic mirror kit.