Take Your Top Off !

KxStand is the safest place for your Jeep Wrangler Hardtop! Save $50

Fits Jeep Wrangler
As well as standard length Jeeps.



Most Hoists

Storage Orientation

Stores vertically to save space in your place. Call roll away if you need extra working space temporarily.

Hangs from your ceiling in itís normal orientation... watch your head unless you have really high ceilings. Takes over you garage.


Requires no special installation - rolls wherever you want it.

Requires permanent installation into studs (drilling, etc.)

Top Mounting

Easily load your top wherever your Jeep is, then roll it into its storage location somewhere else.

Must be able to back your Jeep into your garage (if you have room) to raise and lower your top, or manually carry your top back to your garage.


Cradles your top evenly in six locations to prevent stress.

Occasional complaints of top stress marks and warping reported.

Dirt and Bugs

Dirt and bugs are sealed out using the included poly bag

A dirt and bug free for all!


Minor lifting required.

Minimal lifting required as long as top is lifted directly off Jeep... otherwise itís chiropractor time.


Our Guarantee