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Have you been to the local Jeep dealer lately to sit in the newer Jeep Wranglers?  If so, you may have seen the new electronic mirror which is optional on ‘03 and up Jeeps (depending on your option package). This is one of the coolest, and easiest things we have added to our Jeeps! Here’s what it does:

-Automatically Dims: sensors on both sides determine ambient light, and rear glare, and the mirror electrochromatically dims to a greenish tint, to avoid shining light in your eyes from cars behind you. This is especially helpful when you have no top on, or have the hard or soft tops without tinted windows. Also it prevents you from having to manually “tilt” the mirror. This can be turned off, however, and the mirror also reverts to full reflection when the car is put in reverse. (We don’t recommend you hook up this wire in your Wrangler, too difficult.)

-LED Display:  Displays compass heading, and ambient outside temperature.  This is way cool, handy for making judgment calls about road conditions also.  Below about 36 degrees, the mirror flashes “ICE” as a warning to possible iced road conditions.  The mirror is programmed with your “magnetic zone” and then you drive around slowly in a tight circle two to three times to calibrate it. This only has to be done once.

-Map Lights: DUH!!!!!! Ever try to read a map or some paperwork in your Wrangler at night??  At least the newer Jeeps have a better dome light in the speaker kit, but this still doesn’t help.  FINALLY!  This mirror includes two LED Map Lights.  The cast a beautiful pure light (different from light bulbs) from LED emitters which never burn out, or get hot.  You turn them on manually, and they also both come on when the door is opened. Our kit shows you how to hook them up, so that you get the same automatic shutoff, and “Theater Dimming” along with your factory interior lights.  This alone is worth getting the mirror for.

  If you want to go even one step further, we offer this second model (shown left); which includes ALL of the features above PLUS a built-in Homelink® Transmitter for up to three devices. This allows you to control garage door openers, electric gates, etc. It learns remote codes by simply holding your remote near it.  With the
optional home interface, it can be linked to any cool X-10® home automation unit to control lights, coffee makers, skeet-shooters, flame-throwers, hot-tubs; you name it - way cool ( see X-10.com for all the cool toys they have there).  For more information on Homelink® , click here.

Either way, both of these mirrors are awesome. Our kit includes step by step instructions with pictures (and possibly a video) on how to install them in your Wrangler, along with some special adapters to tap seamlessly into your electrical system without making a mess. The mirror slides over the existing mirror mount, and the wire goes up and under the plastic windshield surround, and looks EXACTLY like factory.  Installation takes about a half hour, unless you’re a moron. Coming Soon to our
Online Store.